Bistrot Milano City Life A new opening in Milan’s ultimate shopping district

Set to be Italy’s biggest urban shopping centre, with over 100 businesses including stores and foodservice providers, the CityLife “ Shopping district” opened to the public on 30 November will have a food offering designed to create unique experiences appealing to all tastes and pockets. A  perfect location for Bistrot, to  treats consumers to an array of options that are the fruit of know-how acquired over many years’ of experience around the world, over 20 locations to date.

In Bistrot Milano City Life customers will enjoy a range of options capable of delivering all-round wellbeing, with a green and healthy offering reflecting an increasingly strong consumer focus on cuisine that’s varied, environmentally responsible and healthy.

This is why Bistrot Milano City Life menus include soups, veloutés and salads that can be personalized with croutons, various seeds and crisp bacon. In the salads corner, alongside ‘MIVIZIA’ with its customary ingredients to mix on the spot, there’s also an offering of two mini green salads and creative one-course meals based on Venus rice and other wholemeal cereals providing vitally important nutritional elements for a varied and fibre-rich diet.

Alongside the healthy offering, which is ideal for a break in the working day, there is also a wide selection of sweet food for breakfast and snacks, including delicacies by “Cristalli di Zucchero”, which makes numerous traditional local and Italian pastry products for Bistrot. For Bistrot Milano City Life, the selection features cheesecake, Tenerina, hazelnut tart, fruit tart, Mont Blanc, carrot plum cake and chestnut plum cake.

Those who want to indulge a whim but without compromising their health or figure will also enjoy the products from “Golosi di Salute”, which specializes in revisiting traditional sweet dishes, such as the classic tiramisù, which here is assembled on the spot and has Kimbo coffee that’s just been made added to it.

Bistrot Milano City Life is particularly proud of its decision to offer products from “Laboratorio Senza Glutine”, a San Marino-based specialist producer of fresh gluten-free foods handmade in a process that excludes all types of environmental contamination. The assortment includes lasagne alla bolognese, braised meat ravioli and watercress, mozzarella & tomatoes with herbs.

Here too, the open-view bakery is one of Bistrot’s biggest attractions, embodying the very concept of transparency and showcasing genuine freshness, and variety. The main ingredients are sourdough, Italian flours (from Molini di Voghera’s ‘Farine Oltrepo’ line) and extra virgin olive oil from Olio EVO Anfosso, which has been making oil with olives from Valle di Oneglia since 1945.

As always, the quality of the food offering is mirrored in that of the setting, which is comfortable and eclectic and characterized by a layout evoking the atmosphere typical of urban covered markets and a design that enhances its simple and genuine spirit.
360° Experimentation: the Wascoffee project

If the Bistrot concept embodies Autogrill’s vocation for innovation, the CityLife version of it has raised the bar yet again. The store’s interiors, in fact, make experimental use of a by-product of coffee, the emblem of Autogrill’s global offering.
Between 2015 and 2016, according to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), around 400 billion cups of coffee were drunk in Europe, the USA, Brazil and Japan, so the possibility of reusing coffee by recycling it instead of disposing of it as simple organic waste is clearly worth studying.
It was the idea of redesigning the foodservice supply chain in the light of production processes in line with a circular economy model that gave rise to ‘WASCOFFEE, an Autogrill project in collaboration with CMF GREENTECH, a leading Italian operator in the eco-sustainable materials sector, and Costagroup, WASCOFFEE’s creative partner.
Here at CityLife, in fact, certain elements of the interiors were Ecodesign-inspired, being made of material deriving from coffee grounds, a choice in line with the Company’s philosophy and in particular the pillars of Afuture, “Shape our Tonorrow”, Autogrill’s sustainability programme drawn up in 2007 to integrate economic, social and environmental aspects into the Group’s strategy. It also fits in perfectly in terms of the location’s look&feel, in that its follows the colour plan that has made Bistrot recognizable and famous worldwide.
The industrial engineering department of Politecnico di Milano is to be another partner in the WASCOFFEE project. It will conduct a “life cycle assessment” of the use of coffee grounds in relation to the use of this innovative material, also for the purpose of defining an optimum development plan in Bistrot and Puro Gusto points of sale in Italy and abroad. The project aims to help minimize environmental impact and promote a culture of re-use in all industries.