World Food Day: Bistrot supports the fair trade chocolate industry In collaboration with FAO and fair trade organization Altromercato

From 12 October onwards, in the five Bistrot points of sale in the Italian urban network and at Fiumicino International Airport you’ll find a delicious selection of Mascao organic chocolate, with cocoa from Bolivia and Mascobado whole cane sugar from the Philippines.

You can choose between milk and extra-plain or go for more sophisticated combinations like rice & quinoa, coconut or pomegranate. Whatever your favourite tastes, if you choose Mascao, you’ll be feeding the virtuous circle of the ethical fair trade economy and contributing to the wellbeing of small producers in the southern hemisphere.

The cocoa in bars of Mascao chocolate is cultivated in Bolivia by El Ceibo, an organization of 47 small cocoa farming cooperatives which improve the quality of life for around 1,150 members. It’s supported by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Altromercato, one of Fair Trade’s founder groups.

The initiative is the fruit of collaboration between Autogrill, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Altromercato, a leading Fair Trade group, to promote the organic quality of products from small agricultural  producers in the southern hemisphere.

Founded in 1977, it has always based its business on the principles of cooperative enterprise and agroecology. It was the first cocoa growing organization in the world to obtain organic certification. El Ceibo now produces around 70% of all the organic cocoa grown in Bolivia. It has nine certifications, including fair trade certification, and distributes its products on both the home and international markets. In 2016, the organization posted record profits, over half of which was redistributed amongst its members, the rest being reinvested in the organization itself. El Ceibo’s business is a fine example of how small producers organized in a democratically run enterprise can create a sustainable economic model for the benefit of their communities and the environment.

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Altromercato is the biggest fair trade consortium in Italy. It has been developing projects for 30 years now to safeguard people’s rights and the environment and guarantee ethical supply chains and quality products.